Ottis C. Wangtsao
Principal Attorney


Bars and Professional Qualifications
  • Taiwan Bar
  • Taiwan Patent Agent
  • Chinese Arbitration Association
Areas of Focus
  • Litigation
  • Insurance Law, Corporate Law and Securities Law
  • Business and Commercial Matters (e.g., M&A, Stock Purchases and Sales)
  • Estate Planning and Probate Litigation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mandarin Chinese

Ottis C. Wangtsao is a seasoned Taiwan trial attorney who handles diverse, complex business litigation matters, including breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentations, employment-related issues, copyright and trademark infringement, and real estate development projects.

As a litigator, Mr. Wangtsao handles all aspects of litigation, including case analysis, drafting discovery requests and legal pleadings, examining witnesses, attending court hearings, negotiating with opposing counsel, and presenting oral arguments to the court. His strategic approach focuses on securing favorable resolutions for his clients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Mr. Wangtsao has handled insurance coverage disputes involving subrogation, property loss, product liability, construction liability, and other issues for some of the biggest insurers in Taiwan. He has also frequently counseled residents of Taiwan and foreign countries who possess significant financial holdings in Taiwan on issues involving estate planning. When contentious issues need resolution, Mr. Wangtsao vigorously fights to uphold our client’s interests.

Mr. Wangtsao assisted a renowned Taiwan health and beauty enterprise in the life-or-death crisis when facing a criminal investigation and negative press. On extremely short notice, Mr. Wangtsao successfully directed the enterprise during the crisis, resulting in no criminal charges filed. Mr. Wangtsao also handled shareholder disputes, hostile takeovers, proxy fights, and investment disputes. In a case involving hostile takeover of a publicly traded company, he assisted the minority activist investors in pressuring the management to share control of the company evenly.

Additionally, he has vast experience handling labor and employment matters, such as negotiation of employment agreements, labor law compliance, and other employment disputes between employers and employees.

Outside of his legal experience in private practice, Mr. Wangtsao also has years of experience in the business world, having served as the chief general counsel for a renowned weight loss  and beauty company in Taiwan. His experience in negotiating and drafting joint venture agreements, franchises, employment relationships, and equipment purchases has given him the necessary experience to provide excellent legal advice on such matters. He also led and oversaw company litigation matters involving business investment disputes in both China and Taiwan.

Representative Matters
  • +
    Taiwan Insurance Litigation
    Represented several of the largest insurers in Taiwan (including Shinkong Insurance, Cathay Century Insurance, and Fubon Insurance) in pursuing and defending insurance litigation involving subrogation, property losses, product liability, construction liability, fraudulent insurance claims and other issues.
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    Taiwan Intellectual Property Litigation
    Represented several Taiwan companies in pursuing and defending trademark and copyright infringement litigation in Taiwan courts, including handling a copyright dispute between a Taiwan company and The Association of Recording Copyright Owners (ARCO).
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    Taiwan Civil and Criminal Litigation
    Represented a Taiwan state-owned company in multiple litigation matters involving trademark infringement, business torts, breaches of contract, employment disputes, and real estate development disputes. Defended several cases involving criminal charges for securities law violation and banking law violation.
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    China Investment Disputes
    Represented Taiwan companies in business disputes concerning joint venture with Chinese businesses and investment in China.
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    Commercial Contracts and Disputes
    Advised one of the largest health and beauty companies in Taiwan in the negotiation and drafting of dozens of franchise agreements, joint venture agreements, equipment purchase agreements, physician employment agreements, and marketing agreements. Handled disputes related to medical malpractice and physician advertising.
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    Corporate Merger and Acquisition
    Represented a Taiwan state-owned enterprise in filing a petition for reorganization against an insolvent joint venture company. Represented a renowned Taiwan department store in the sale of its business. Handled several transactions involving corporate merger and acquisition as well as stock purchase and sale.
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    Taiwan Business Litigation
    Represented domestic and foreign companies in all phases of litigation in Taiwan courts involving a wide range of business and commercial matters. These matters include shareholder disputes, director and officer liability, medical malpractice, and breach of contract litigation.