Alex C. Wang


Bars and Professional Qualifications

●Taiwan Bar

Areas of Focus


●Corporate Law and Securities Law

●Business and Commercial Matters (e.g., M&A, Stock Purchases and Sales)

●Estate Planning and Probate Litigation

●Divorce and Marital Property Division


●Mandarin Chinese

Alex C. Wang is a practicing lawyer in Taiwan. Before joining Integration Law Group, he worked at a prestigious commercial law firm in Taiwan. Mr. Wang has substantial practical experience in both litigation and non-litigation legal practice. This includes handling contract disputes, commercial disputes, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, divorce and marital property division, banking law and investment cases, labor disputes, and intellectual property infringement.

Mr. Wang is skilled in handling complex cases. He has handled cases involving accounting fraud claims against publicly traded companies. In many of those cases, the claims exceeded 100 million NT dollars. He has also served as the defense counsel in high-profile banking fraud criminal cases that have attracted significant media attention. Mr. Wang’s experiences arguing from both sides of the bench put him in a unique position to craft legal strategy that anticipates the maneuvers of the opposing counsel in several well-known telecom fraud and banking law cases. Mr. Wang also defended a corporate defendant as its litigation counsel in Taiwan’s first class-action lawsuit filed by the ROC Consumers’ Foundation for alleged personal data breaches.

Additionally, Mr. Wang has considerable experience outside of the courtroom. He currently serves as a legal advisor for several startup and well-known companies. He has participated in several due diligence projects for mergers and acquisitions involving publicly traded companies, drafted equity purchase agreements, and provided guidance in the formation of companies and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, as a member of the ROC Labor Relations Committee of the National Bar Association, Mr. Wang has substantial experiences in labor-related affairs. He has assisted numerous businesses in handling various labor-related issues, including compliance inspections, labor law violation reports, and mediation.

In civil cases, Mr. Wang has participated in family mediator and provider training programs. He has handled several divorce and marital property division cases as well as matters related to inheritance and wealth succession, both inside and outside of the courtroom. Moreover, he frequently deals with general torts, breach of contract litigation, and various commercial disputes (such as misappropriation, fraud, trademark infringement, etc.). In criminal cases, Mr. Wang has represented both victims and defendants in cases involving banking law, trademark infringement, defamation, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Representative Matters
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    Taiwan Civil and Criminal Lawsuits.
    Represented several renowned Taiwan companies, the members of their board of directors, and financial executives in cases involving torts, breaches of contract, and employment disputes. Represented defendants in several criminal cases involving alleged violations of Taiwan securities law and banking law.
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    Corporate Merger and Acquisition.
    Handled several projects involving company mergers and acquisitions as well as equity purchase transactions. Responsibilities included contract drafting, due diligence, and ensuring legal compliance throughout the process.
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    Employment Disputes.
    Assisted multiple renowned Taiwan companies in dealing with all types of employment matters (e.g., compliance inspections to enforce labor standards, negotiations between employers and employees, and mediations). Represented employees filing claims against prominent Taiwan retail chain for severance payments and overtime compensation.