Dispute Resolution

Our litigators are experienced and battle-tested. They have successfully handled complex cases that involve multiple parties, multiple jurisdictions, substantial claims and challenging legal issues. The attorneys at our firm utilize their unique knowledge to provide optimal resolutions in the real business world. We represent clients in U.S. courts and Taiwan courts in disputes involving a wide range of business, commercial, corporate, and intellectual property-related matters. Our litigators have the legal skill, linguistic expertise, and the cultural understanding needed to give our clients an advantage in any courtroom.

Here’s why our clients choose Integration Law Group and what they say about us:

Understanding Clients’ Goals  and Needs

Understanding exactly what each of our clients’ goals and needs lies at the heart of our approach to law. Every litigation decision stems from those goals, guiding each strategic and tactical move along the way. Our definition of winning is to achieve the best result possible for each client in the most efficient way possible. We help our clients implement measures to ensure that they do not become embroiled in lengthy disputes and minimize the costs spent by our client. If a dispute arises, we make sure that our client is equipped with the resources, knowledge, and experience needed to reach a prompt and successful resolution.

Customized Legal Representation

With our client’s goals at the forefront, we provide flexible legal representation, even in unusual scenarios with additional requirements. We recognize that each client’s case may be different and when such scenarios arise, we can tailor our approach to each client’s unique case, working with our clients to find the best solution for our client’s needs.

Solving Local Problems to Achieve Global Goals

Our team in Taiwan and U.S. offers integrated solutions to global issues. Integration Law Group has the resources and capabilities to meet the needs of our clients that are outside of the core practice areas of other domestic law firms. Our cross-border experience and unique insights help clients find an amicable resolution. Through attunement to cultural and linguistic challenges, we help our clients achieve favorable outcomes as efficiently and amicably as possible through our aggressive advocacy.

Representative Matters

  • U.S. Business Litigation
    We represented a software development company against its client in California in breach of contract arbitration involving intellectual property licenses from Universal Studios, a third party. We won a multi-million arbitration award, which was then converted into a multi-million judgment. To save costs, video conference technology was successfully used during trial.
  • U.S. Business and Corporate Litigation
    We represented a corporate shareholder in business fraud litigation in Delaware Court of Chancery on a pro hac vice basis against another corporate shareholder who also served as the joint venture company’s officer. The dispute arose out of an unsuccessful international joint venture. We were able to obtain a very favorable settlement that achieved our client’s goals.
  • U.S. Business and Corporate Litigation
    In a case involving post-acquisition disputes, we defended the acquirer, a major computer products company, and its newly-acquired California subsidiary in multiple corporate and employment lawsuits. We successfully defended those lawsuits and obtained favorable pre-trial settlements that resulted in no payment from our client.
  • International Commercial Disputes
    We have represented dozens of clients involved in international commercial disputes against their business opponents ranging from large global corporations, such as TE Connectivity, to mid-size and emerging companies, such as Bluestem Brands. We were able to obtain favorable settlements for our clients.
  • Business Disputes in China.
    We have represented several Taiwan-based companies involved in business disputes related to investments in China. Working with Chinese law firms, we successfully resolved these disputes through negotiation and litigation, obtaining favorable settlements or winning civil judgments for our clients.
  • Unfair Competition and Commercial Disputes
    In a major business libel dispute involving defamation via public media, we obtained a favorable settlement resulting in the publication of retraction statements by the defaming company and the release of an apology letter made to our client, which was later released to the press.
  • International Probate Disputes
    We have successfully obtained favorable settlements for individual heirs in international probate disputes pending in Taiwan and California courts involving children born out of wedlock, undue influence in making donative transfers, fraud, and inheritance of real properties, stocks, cash, and membership in the ancestor veneration association.

International Litigation Support

We also regularly work with other law firms that need outside help in handling complex cross-border legal issues in California and Taiwan. With our integrated operations and a deep understanding of those unique legal issues commonly seen in international litigation, we efficiently and strategically assist other law firms in all aspects of issues involved in international litigation, including service of process, extraterritorial discovery, and enforcement of foreign judgment.