Ricky R. Chen
Senior Of Counsel


Bars and Professional Qualifications
  • Taiwan Bar
  • China Bar
  • Taiwan Patent Agent
  • Taiwan Real Estate Broker
  • Chinese Arbitration Association - Taiwanese Arbitrator
  • Chinese Real Estate Arbitration Association - Arbitrator
Areas of Focus
  • Legal Issues regarding Business Activities between China and Taiwan
  • Litigation
  • Corporate Law and Securities Law
  • Business and Commercial Matters (e.g., M&A, Stock Purchases and Sales)
  • Intellectual Property

Mandarin Chinese

Ricky R. Chen received his bachelor’s degree in Law from National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. He obtained his master’s degree in Business Management from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Chen also holds a doctoral degree in Business Management from Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Mr. Chen is licensed to practice law in both China and Taiwan. He is listed in the roster of arbitrators of the Chinese Arbitration Association in Taipei.

Mr. Chen’s practice areas include corporate law (such as corporate formation, contract review, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, venture capital, foreign investment, corporate labor and employment issues, and corporate general counsel), intellectual property law (such as intellectual property litigation, intellectual property licensing, and intellectual property transactions), and business legal issues between China and Taiwan (such as legal issues and practicalities of inbound business to Taiwan, legal issues and practicalities of inbound business to China, Chinese corporations' outbound investments to Taiwan, and Taiwanese corporations' outbound investments to China).

Mr. Chen has extensive experience in handling corporate legal matters. As an in-house General Counsel for a Taiwanese publicly traded company, Mr. Chen managed legal matters related to business activities between China and Taiwan. He has significant experience in advising corporations in contract negotiations and conflict and dispute resolutions. Mr. Chen is also well versed in intellectual property-related matters, as he has represented corporate clients in various patent and technology licensing transactions, establishing internal intellectual property management programs, and solving related disputes.

Mr. Chen is admitted to practice law in both Taiwan and China. He has skills, knowledge, and experience in legal and business practices in both Taiwan and China. Given his proficiency in the legal and business issues involved in business activities between China and Taiwan, Mr. Chen is well positioned to offer efficient legal services to clients on both side of the strait.

Representative Matters
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    Taiwan Intellectual Property Litigation
    Represented many companies in Taiwan courts in lawsuits involving patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, and trademark infringement. Represented Taiwan technology companies in patent infringement lawsuits in Taiwan courts. Represented Chinese companies in trade secret misappropriation lawsuits in Taiwan courts.
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    Taiwan Civil and Criminal Litigation
    Represented companies in civil and criminal lawsuits in Taiwan courts involving corporate law, securities law, civil and business torts, breaches of contract, labor and employment disputes, and tax disputes.
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    China Investment and Relevant Disputes
    Assisted Taiwanese companies in drafting contracts or resolving disputes involving inbound investments to China, joint ventures with Chinese companies, technology licenses to or from Chinese companies, and commercial transactions with Chinese companies.
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    Commercial Transaction
    Assisted renowned technology companies in contract-related legal matters, including manufacturing agreements, technology licensing agreements, patent licensing agreements, investment and joint venture agreements, distribution agreements, and marketing agreements. Mr. Chen also assisted in managing and leveraging IP portfolios.
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    Taiwan Business Litigation
    Represented Taiwanese and foreign companies in domestic litigation in Taiwan for various types of cases involving intellectual properties, shareholder disputes, corporate director and officer liabilities, and breaches of contract.